About the Tutor

Rory Lewis Photographer Self Portrait

Rory Lewis Photographer Self Portrait

Rory Lewis Photographer has made an outstanding contribution to photography and the visual arts, creating consistently imaginative and thought-provoking portraits. Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, and many others have sat for Rory and his unique portraiture style is becoming renown.

Rory Lewis provides individual One-to-One Studio Portrait Photography Tuition and Coaching for photographers of all abilities. Recently featured by the BBC, Rory is one of the UK’s Rising Photography Stars. Having photographed many leading Actors in his Portraitist Exhibition. His work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. From Prime Minsters to Military Leaders and Royalty, Rory boasts a diverse portfolio. Rory also lectures for the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Musuem. Rory has a wide variety of clients ranging from The Times, Ministry of Defence, Pepsi, The Guardian and Epson. A One-to-One Photography Course with Rory Lewis offers the best possible way to improve your camera and lighting techniques, helping you to create inspiring portraiture.

Course Sponsors & Partners

Course Sponsors & Partners

Topics include:

– Introduction to digital photography
– DSLR camera ABC
– Introduction to studio lighting (with model)s
– Studio lighting set ups (with models)
– Introduction to flash guns (with models)
– Flash guns lighting set ups (with models)

– Composition and technique advice
– Model direction & posing (with model)
– Portrait shoot simulation (with model and studio lights)
– Portfolio review and feedback
– Business advice and mentoring

One-to-One Portrait Photography Courses are SUITABLE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS OF ALL LEVELS They can be arranged all year round at studios, locations throughout the UK and Los Angeles. 

Professional Models are Provided for all Rory Lewis Photography Courses, to help hone the skills and techniques taught. This will give you the opportunity to build a comprehensive portfolio under the guidance of an experienced photographer. Illustrated PDF Booklets of all the Lighting Setups Shown will be provided for you to take away.

FIVE Hour One-to-One Studio Photography Tuition (INCLUDES TWO MODELS THROUGHOUT THE SESSION) Course

Cost £749.00/$999.00

THREE Hour One-to-One Studio Photography Tuition (INCLUDES ONE MODEL THROUGHOUT THE SESSION) Course

Cost £499.00/$669.00


What motivated you to attend this workshop?

‘I like Rory Lewis’ work and the influences he works with.’

‘To gain more confidence and good working practices.’


How did you find the balance between listening, engaging and creating?

‘In view of the number of participants Rory managed very well the balance of lecture and practice. I particularly enjoyed the relation to selected painters and specific paintings in the NPG.’

‘Perfect mix.’


What did you particularly enjoy about this workshop?

‘I understood Rory’s particular style in portraiture. It will influence my own work and help me to develop my own style. That he brought actors into the shooting session was also a nice twist, as this folk is more expressive than models.’

‘Using the Gallery to gain inspiration and then trying to adapt that idea into a photograph.’

‘Learning hand on from Rory.’


What new skills have you learnt?

‘How simple lighting techniques can be used to great effect. How to use classic art to inspire photography ideas.’

‘How to take control of the photo shoot and direct the sitter. To look for inspiration and develop a style of your own.’


What did you think about the levels of teaching?

‘Rory has a very natural way to explain things very well. He also made the right balance between explaining and exercising.’

‘Very well presented. Rory is a very knowledgeable historian and photographer. Rory easily managed a large group passing on his practical skills and enabling us to photograph subjects quickly.