James Purefoy Limited Edition Print


James Purefoy Limited Edition Print


£99 Pounds / $132 US Dollars

Print By Rory Lewis Photographer (Sold By Photographer) Comes with Certified Certificate, Each Print Signed and Individually Numbered.

25 Issued.

Captured 28th October 2018.
A3 SIZE PRINTS A3297 x 420 mm11.7 x 16.5 in

About the Photographer

Rory Lewis is a British portrait photographer, his body of work includes countless celebrity sittings with Actors such as Sir Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dormer, Ian McShane, Iain Glen and many other Portraits of Musicians and men and women of accomplishment. Rory’s work has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London & Lectures at the National Portrait Gallery & Victoria & Albert Museum, and his recent Photography Exhibitions Northerners Photography & Expressive have received Nationwide Recognition being featured by the BBC and National Press & Television. Rory’s client list includes Pepsi, Ministry of Defence, Cancer Research UK, The Guardian & The Times Newspapers. Rory’s inspirations include Renaissance Portraiture and German Expressionist Cinema.

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