Natalie Dormer Portrait Sitting

Natalie Dormer Portrait Sitting ( Rory Lewis  London Portrait Photographer) 2018

Natalie Dormer Portrait Sitting (Rory Lewis London Portrait Photographer) 2018

Actress Natalie Dormer, star of Game of ThronesThe Hunger Games and The Tudors. Sat for a portrait at the London Studio several weeks ago. I wrote to Natalie inviting her to sit for my Expressive Portraits Project just over a year ago; it just goes to show how many letters and requests she receives. Natalie is exceptionally talented with an incredible natural beauty. As a realist portrait photographer Natalie was a little apprehensive of my style. In the modern world people are obsessed with removing the detail through 

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My style is to preserve even line every mark every mole. I try to present my subjects as they really are, flaws and all, while allowing for moments of candidness and vulnerability. Less austere and more deliberate than a mug shot, my work often brings facial features into high relief, allowing expressiveness to recede and making the sitter seem somehow up-close and removed at the same time. Natalie indulged me, enabling me to capture a series of wonderful frames. Her apprehension turned to excitement when she viewed the final results which edified her unique and Natural Beauty.